Z4 Strong Power DC Drilling Machine Motor
Product Details

Wingo Star Motor possesses the features of compact construction, good performance, high efficiency and reliability, being able to match the current international advanced level. Our products Z4 DC Motor are found wide use for prime mover in various machinery, such as mill auxiliary in metallurgical industry, metal cutting machine-tool, paper-making, print, textile, printing, dyeing, cement-making, plastic extruding machines etc, enjoy high reputation in inland and overseas market.

Specification of Z4 Series DC Motors

Central height:  112-710 mm
Rated output: 1.5kw-1500kw

Speed: 5--3000r/min
Rated voltage: 440V

Exciting voltage: 220V or other
Insulation class: Class F

Degree of protection: IP21s/IP23
Install type:IMB-3/IMB-35/IMV-1/IMV-15
Cooling way:IC06/IC17/IC37/IC86W


Performance Condition
Data listed in the technical data sheet should be employed under the following conditions;
a. Altitude above sea level maximal 1,000m;
b. Cooling air temperature maximal 40 oC;
c. Ambient conditions for motors should be free from acidic, alkali fumes or other aggressive gases which corrode insulation.
d. Duty: Continuous (SI);
e. Monthly average temperature would not be more than 24 degree Celsius. and relative humidity: monthly average no more than 85%.

Applied Industrial field: Metallurgy, wire and cable, plastic extruding machinery, metal cutting, paper making, printing, textile machine, dying, cement manufacturing, etc.



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