Z4 Series Machine DC Motor
Z4 Series Machine DC Motor
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Z4 series DC motor: high 100 ~ 355mm is the standard series of small DC motor by People's Republic of China machinery industry standard JB/T6316-92 "Z4 series DC motor technical conditions"; center height 400 ~ 450mm is the extension of Z4 standard series DC motor; center height of 500 ~ 710mm. Z4 series DC motor can be widely used in metallurgy industry, metal cutting machine, paper mill, printing and dyeing, cement, plastic extrusion machinery and other kinds of industrial sector.

The rating of the motor is continuous working and continuous quota. The motor can be rated according to the data in the technical data sheet at the altitude of no more than 1000m, and the ambient air temperature is not more than 40 degrees centigrade. This series of motors adopt F class insulation.

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